In Ethiopia, coffee ceremonies break up the day and the ritual is mesmerizing and therapeutic. Every day across the country, coffee is washed by hand and roasted over three stone fires. The beans are ground by mortar and pestle and steeped with boiling water. Three cups, Three times a day. It is part of the fabric of daily life and offers a lens into the difference between the consumption of coffee where it was first cultivated and how the rest of the world consumes it today.

In El Salvador, I spend a Sunday in La Libertad with a few journalists. It offered me the chance to showcase a side to El Salvador that is rarely shown - a place with community, religion, beautiful beaches and delicious street food. I saw firsthand how the depiction of Ethiopia by the west contributed to a generation of low opinion - as well as low tourism & investment. I think similarly places like El Salvador need to have their beauty and humanity showcased to respect their future.

Mostly though I just love dogs, sunrises and slow motion.